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Customer Experience

Enhances the overall customer experience with seamless and efficient communication. We provide advanced features and functionalities for you to communicate through any channel


Security & Reliable

Ensures robust security measures, safeguarding data against cyber threats for businesses. Reliable performance - SLA 99.9% uptime, minimizing downtime & securing continuous communication.


Flexible & Scalable

Easily adapt to changing business needs and integrating with existing systems. Offers scalability, allowing your businesses to expand the communication capabilities as your operations grow

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01.WorldfonePBX Cloud/Hosted PBX

WorldfonePBX Cloud/Hosted PBX

IP PBX System Helps Businesses Own Modern, Professional and Cost-Saving Switchboard Systems Using SaaS - Cloud/Hosted PBX.
AI, softphone, WebRTC, SDK.
02.Worldfone Callbot Service

Worldfone Callbot Service

Automation service integrated to the AI services.

Automatically make and receive calls, inform and collect information, serve customers.

Increased sales, Support and Quality assurance.

03.Worldfone VideoCall System

Worldfone VideoCall System

Digital transformation step bringing many benefits to businesses.

Interact with your customers Face-to-Face, thoroughly understand their issues, capture their emotions, and deliver better services at contact center, VTM Bank.

04.Worldfone Gate SBC SIP Trunking Service

Worldfone Gate SBC SIP Trunking Service

Seamlessly connect and secure your communication systems with our SIP trunking.

Service Reduce costs, Handling large volume of concurrent calls, enhanced your call center system security.

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